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The Official Travel Planner


Global Besties The Official Travel Club 


Product Overview:


The Official Travel Planner is the travel organizer for those who dream of exhilarating  experiences and seeing the world.  The Official Travel Planner is the best for you if you love dreaming of seeing new places and experiencing new adventures! The Official Travel Planner is the perfect choice for anyone who dreams of seeing the world and experiencing new experiences!  


Is your schedule full of things to do and places to go?  Things to see and people to meet? It should be!  


MAKE AND REMEMBER THE EXCITEMENT: The Official Travel Planner is crafted and designed to assist you in making the most of your trip and to waste not a moment: create lists of things to do and places to go.  Use the Plan Your Trip, Who’s Coming With, and The Packing List pages to both plan out your days and log your travel experiences. Memorize people and places that you met along your trip. Add personal pictures for inspiration and memories! Save contacts and information of your favorite excursions, restaurants, and resorts. 


More Official Travel Planner Perks 


Prepare for the trip thoroughly with The Trip Planner section. Including a Bucket List Page, Packing List Page, Places to Visit, and Things To-Do Before You Leave. 


Fill in your accommodations, and figure out your transportation all in exciting colors.  Add in places to visit and fun things to do right from your pinterest boards. Use The Official Travel Planner to stay organized on the go.  It is the perfect size.


Specific Details

  • Includes free glitter paint pens (hold down pen tip to paper surface to activate paint pens flow)

  • Includes free stickers 

  • Includes travel coupon 

  • Shiny exciting mood setting holographic color 

  • Inside keep all and credit card pockets

  • Pen holder inside 

Planner Pages 

  • Photo Cover Page

  • Month View Pages 

  • Week View Pages

  • Today’s Focus To Do List Pages 

  • Things Im Thankful For 

  • Vision Board

  • Bucket List

  • Trip Planner

  • Travel Information

  • Packing List

  • Social Media Content Calendar 

  • Time Blocking Weekdays

  • Time Blocking Weekends

  • Cardstock Divider Pages


The Official Travel Planner 

By Jammie Moses 

Global Besties Official Travel Club 




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