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9 Tips to Make Your Airport Experience Fast and Comfortable

Make Your Airport Experience Fast and Comfortable With These Tips

Regardless of how good your holiday goes, the time you have to spend at the airport is always going to cause you some inconvenience or make the traveling drab for you. But we have got your back with some ultimate ways to make the airport experience fast and comfortable.

Go Local

There are many benefits of flying by a local or regional airport. While big airports seem more sophisticated and have top-notch services, small regional airports have cheaper parking, shorter custom time and fewer queues. In a small airport, you don’t have to walk miles between the security and the departure gate.

Bring Your own Snacks

We all know how expensive snacks are at the airport. But when you are hungry, you can’t resist buying a few packets. Make sure you bring your own snacks to the airport. Don’t have all your snacks packed into your luggage. Keep them in your carry bag where you can have them on the go.

Dress Smart and Appropriate

Wear clothes that are wrinkle-free and have no metal buttons and extra zippers in them. Wear shoes without laces, which you can slip out and into quickly during the security check.

Wear clothes that are comfortable enough. Avoid wearing tight clothes as they can get uncomfortable during the long airport stay and flight. Go for a comfy-chic look that will make you look appropriate too. No matter how comfy your Spongebob pajamas are, wear something that looks presentable.

Free Yourself from the Custom Hassle

Make the process of customs faster by downloading the Mobile Passport app. The app is certified by Border Protection and U.S Customs. This app saves your time and speeds up the customs process in 24 US airports.

Use Biometric

The queues for biometric are shorter than the normal ones. Although biometric queues do not always guarantee fast exit and can have a long line during the peak hours, you should keep an eye on them.

Bring Your Electronics Fully Charged

Prepping and charging your gadgets before the flight is important to keep you busy. You don’t want any hassles of using the expensive and unreliable airport wifi. You shouldn’t just bring your gadgets fully charged but also download movies in advance to watch during your stay at the airport and while flying.

Stay Hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated, especially when you have to go on a flight. Bring a refillable water bottle and fill it after you have passed through the security. Again, avoid buying water bottles at the airport because you don’t want to start splurging before reaching your destination.

Take a Walk and Explore

You might as well want to put down your tablet or iPad and experience what is happening around you. Get away from your chair for a while and take a walk. While it is good to stay relaxed before a flight, sitting too much can actually make you tired.


Make your airport experience fast and comfortable with the tips mentioned above. Be sure to reach early at the airport. There are many ways to keep you entertained and busy at the airport. You can also take a quick nap to freshen up for the flight if you have time.


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