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Travel Hacks For Your Next Trip

Regardless of how exciting and fun traveling is, it comes with a mountain of responsibilities and expenses. Here are some amazing hacks to make your traveling easier, more fun, and cheaper.

Private Browsing for Cheaper Flights

Travel sites and airlines can access your browsing history by sending cookies. They can make the prices a little high just because you have searched them before. This tricks you into quick booking fearing that the prices will go higher. Viewing your browsing history allows airlines to tweak the prices, using tactics that can lead you to impulse buying. Open the incognito window whenever searching for and booking flights.

Folding Clothes

The way you fold your clothes takes or leaves space in your luggage or backpack. Most people make the mistakes of folding their clothes the same way they fold them at home. Several folding hacks can make five times more space in your suitcases and bags than normal folding methods do. Konmari folding technique involves folding two shirts together in such a way that they take less space than one folded shirt.

Pouch folding method for trousers, leggings, and pants takes very little space. The foot holes turn into a pouch, in which you can put more pants, shirts, and other items.

Another hack for packing clothes is rolling them rather than folding. If you don’t have too many clothes, a few shirts and trousers can easily roll into a compact bag with your tablet, charger, water bottle, and other stuff.

Free Water and Snacks at the Airport

Buying bottled water at the airport is too costly. Bring an empty refillable bottle. Fill it after passing through the security.

You know how expensive foods and snacks are at the airport. But when hunger pangs are killing you during a long stay at the airport, you buy something to satisfy them. Make sure you bring your own snacks so that little snacking from here and there doesn’t eat your budget up.

Buy Portable Power Banks

Buying a portable phone charger i.e. power banks, saves you from running out of battery. Power bank acts as an external battery for your phone. It charges your phone quickly and takes very little time to get charged. It charges your phone through a USB connector.

Make Your own Airplane TV

If your airplane lacks personal TV, you can makeshift your smartphone into one. Place your phone or tablet inside a clear plastic bag. Hook the plastic bag on the back of the tray table, and there you have your own TV.

Charge Your Devices from TV

Forgot to bring your charger? Not a big problem. Most of the modern TVs have a USB connector on the back which you can use to charge your phone and other electronics.

Unpack Only What You Need

If you are backpacking for many places to visit, you won’t be staying in one place for long. Take out only what you need at a certain place. This will save your packing time so you won’t be on the verge of missing your bus.


With these smart travel hacks, you are all set for your next trip. Wait there’s one more! Buy a dummy wallet to trick pickpocketers. Stay safe, have fun, and happy traveling.


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