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Make the Best of Your Airport Time

Tips on Making the Best Use of Airport Time

Reaching airport an hour before the flight is a very sensible thing to do. Even if you do not live too far from the airport, it is safe to have plenty of time to handle any emergency that may arise unexpectedly. But killing time at the airport can be a little hard, especially waiting at the airport between your flights can bore you to death. To make sure you don’t die of boredom on your trip, here are some tips to help you make the best use of your airport time.

Head to the Airport Lounge

Airport lounges are usually available for the first-class passengers. Now, many airports have their lounges accessible to other passengers for a small fee. These lounges have comfortable seating, with food, drinks, and coffee. There is wifi access, newspaper, and magazines to keep you busy. Some lounges also have screens to entertain you.

Do Some Research about Y

our Destination

While sitting idle at the terminal or lounge with nothing to entertain you except your smartphone, you can research the destination you are about to visit a little. You must have searched the reasonable hotels and best eateries, but there is much more you can find out. If you can find some literature on the local culture online, then read it. Find places to shop and do further research on local places to visit.

Read a Book

Do you have a book you planned to read, but could not for some reason? Airport time is best to complete an unfinished book or start a new one. When you get back home you will have not only an amazing experience, but some great knowledge from the book you read at the airport.

Take a Walk and Explore

Sitting for long can make you more tired before the flight. Take a walk outside or in the terminal. Taking a walk will refresh you and make you more active for the flight. Some theories also say that walking before the flight can help lessen the jetlag afterward.

If you are at an airport of some city other than your hometown, go out and explore in between connecting flights. Not all airports are the same. Some might have better lounges, nice gardens, and other stuff. If the stay is too long, then get out of the airport and take a walk nearby. Do not waste this opportunity to explore a new place other than your destination.

Sleep in the Terminal

Sleeping is the best way to kill time, relax and freshen up for the flight. If you are sleep deprived before the flight, your jetlag will turn worse and last longer. If you had a busy schedule wrapping up your work for the trip, airport time is perfect for catching up on some sleep. Find a comfortable chair if you can and go to sleep. It is better to use a neck pillow and an eye mask.

If you can’t sleep with the noise around, then get some noise-canceling earphones. But do not forget to set the alarm. You don’t want to be left sleeping in the lounge while your plane takes off.

Don’t let the airport time go to waste by just sitting and waiting. Make sure you have your smartphone and other electronics fully charged to kill time. However, it is better to break free from technology for some time and read a book or take a walk.


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