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How to Avoid Unexpected Travel Expenses

If you have planned to travel, you have to prepare for some expenses as well. You should be aware of the costs of airline tickets and hotel bookings beforehand. However, some travel expenses spring up unexpectedly, making your trip costlier than you expected. Does this mean you shouldn’t travel? No, we are going to enlighten you with some tips and tricks that will help you avoid unexpected travel expenses.

Travel Insurance

Most young people fail to take out their travel insurance when traveling abroad. Travel insurance may not be among the top-most things on your priority list, but knowing about is much better than ending up with huge expenses out of pocket.

Most travelers make their insurance claim for a medical emergency, accidents, theft, and loss or damage to a belonging. If you fail to use your insurance policy in such cases, you could end up losing hundreds or thousands of dollars, which can take away all the fun from your trip.

Before you leave, take a look into what your insurance covers. You will have to pay extra if you plan on doing activities like rock climbing, bike riding, sky-diving or bungee-jumping.

Hotel Wifi

You settle for a cheaper hotel when booking reservations. The hotel seemed nice enough. The only problem was that it did not have free wifi and other amenities, which you didn’t find necessary. But guess what, within an hour after your reach, you are going to pay for wifi or buy a cellular data package.

Choosing a slightly expensive hotel with free wifi and other services might be cheaper for you than staying at a cheaper hotel where you the miscellaneous charges stack up high.

Snacks on the Airport and Plane

We all know how food and snacks at the airport are so expensive. But when the hunger hits you at an unexpected time at the airport, you buy something unwillingly, especially when you have kids with you. Similarly, meals and snacks ( on a long flight) that aren’t free can eat up your vacation’s budget.

Pack your own snacks — stock up on stuff your kids like to eat. Make sure to bring more home-cooked snacks and avoid processed snacks and foods. They make you hungrier after some time.

International Roaming Charges

If you use your U.S based cell-phone elsewhere, you will have to pay roaming charges. Turn off your data when traveling outside the country. Use your smartphone's wifi instead. If you need to make calls, get a cheap cell-phone where you will be traveling. You can also look for throwaway phones.


While it is fun taking souvenirs back home, most of them are high-priced and invaluable. Next time you take your children to a themed-park, don’t get those branded action figures and tiny animals. Your kids are going to get bored within a day.


While it is important to make the most out of your holiday vacation and indulge in some splurges, try to plan and maintain a smart budget. Make sure not to make an inflexible. Follow the tips mentioned here, and you will save your trip from costing a fortune.


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