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Packing & Moving Like a True Fashionista

Packing tips from a fashionista:

Pack whatever TF you want! I'm not much of a consolidator because dammit I need that. You can ruin perfect photo opts by wearing a dumb ass outfit. When packing expensive items and bags please do yourself a favor and only pack your prized fashion pieces in your carry-on. Who wants to start out a trip crying over lost luggage or the $6500 Chanel bag inside. I have had luggage lost before and returned to me with missing designer shoes and sunglasses. Once a bag is lost the airline workers have to open it to identify the bag or something. IDK but I can tell you there's a chance that you will get your luggage back with missing content.

Buy a cute matching luggage set. This way you can pack according to your trips and always have the right size bag available. Marshalls TJMax and Burlington sometimes have really cute sets year around. For about $300 you can get 3-4 different sizes. Matching luggage makes you look so cool and well traveled. It also makes for a cute back drop if your friends do the same. What's better than stylish bestie travel pics? Buy a bunch of matching luggage tags in a cute bright color. Buy enough to put one on each piece of your luggage including the carryons. These tags will act as a great luggage spotters while at the airport baggage claim wheel. For my family I opted to buy yellow minions character tags, so I almost never have to check bag names and tickets. I can spot my luggage a mile away.

Wear shades. They make any and every outfit look cool and put together. They also double as a shield to hide hang-overs, sleep deprived and makeup-less faces in the airport.

Get a magazine subscription. This way you'll always have a fresh magazine available to take aboard flights. And for a way cheaper price than the four dollars that you will pay at the airport and convenient stores. I have 3 different subscriptions at about $20 a year each.

Keep at least 1 soft duffle bag handy for bringing things home on shopping trips. Duffle bags are the easiest to pack in your luggage for cumulated items during your travels. Just fold it down, pack it, and pull it out when packing to go home. Take advantage of free shipping.

Ship things home. Most fashion stores and boutiques will be happy to ship your purchases to your house. This way you don't have to overstuff your luggage. And if you are shopping in a store that doesn't have a location in your state you won't have to pay any sales tax. Tax exemptions on a $5000 bag could easily be a $500 savings. When traveling internationally be sure to know the tax rates and price differences compared to your home country. This way you know if you should be shopping extra because it's discounted or if it's actually a higher price and a waste of money. If the rates are higher it's okay to go ahead and shop but I would only buy things that can't be found at home. Once my friends and I where hanging out in Paris and noticed Louis Vuitton had a long line of about 20-30 people outside of the store.... Someone in line told us that they had exceptionally low prices so we hopped inline to not miss anything. We took this guys word for it but that's something we should have know ahead of time.

Souvenir Shopping! Fashion. Fashion. Fashion. Because girls love saying "oh I bought this on my last trip to Paris." The days of buying key chains and cigarette lighters are long gone. Buy yourself something cute that you can't find at home and if your budget allows, do the same for whoever you're souvenir shopping for.

My Passport Runneth Over - Jammie Moses

Founder and CEO of Global Besties Travel Club Jammie Moses and Faune Randolph on a girls trip vacation. Girls Trips and designer luggage
Jammie Moses and Faune Randolph of Global Besties Members Only Travel Club


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