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Best Advice for a Solo Traveler

There is something remarkable about solo trips. When traveling alone, you get to experience places with a whole new perspective as you can spend as much time as you want with things you like. What makes solo traveling so exciting is that it is adventurous, daunting, and risky. Here is why you need to follow the following advice when traveling on your own.

Plan in Advance

They say random trips are the best ones. But this is clearly not the case when traveling solo. Do a little bit of research about where you are going and do your plan in advance. You don’t have to plan every single detail of the trip before. However, you should make the hotel booking and transport reservations beforehand.

Pack Light

As a solo traveler, you are most likely to carry and manage all of your luggage by yourself. So, it would be unwise not to pack light. A carry bag, suitcase, and a bag pack should be enough for you.

Arrive at Daytime

Plan to reach your destination in the daytime. It is safe and easier for you. You don't want to have a hard time finding your way when the sky is dark in a new and unfamiliar place.

Mix with other Travelers and Locals

Traveling solo does not mean you have to enjoy and explore all alone. Try to talk and connect with other travelers. The lounges and common rooms are great places to make friends when traveling.

Connecting with locals can benefit you a lot. They will guide you better on the best places to eat and reasonable places to stay. They will tell you about local places that are fun to visit, which you could not discover while researching online. Many cities also have free local tour guides.

Traveling alone can be a great opportunity for you to learn to talk to strangers. A simple hello or a greeting in the local language can be an excellent ice breaker. Get into a conversation with a smile, and make sure you don't ask questions

that end with a mere yes or no. Learn to Enjoy Dining without a Companion

When traveling solo, dining all alone in a new place can be a little off-putting for most of the people. Learn to enjoy dining alone. Soak up and experience your surroundings. Try different local foods. Visit restaurants with counters and communal tables to enjoy with others. You can also ask a local to order for you to start up the conversation.

Watch and Experience the World around You

The best thing about traveling solo is that you get to experience things solely from your perspective. Take some time to observe how things work and the way people interact with each other. You will be surprised to see how much you can learn about local culture by observing quietly. You will learn little things like tipping in different places and hailing a cab. Trust me, these little things matters and are worth it.

Use Skype

Before you leave, install Skype on your phone, so you can connect with friends and family when you have time.


Keep in mind these bits of advice and get ready for the best solo trip. Be mindful and cautious wherever you go. In the end, make sure you have all the local emergency numbers with you.


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