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Don’t Sleep On Your Hotel

Find out everything that your hotel offers. Some hotels have really cool activities and things that you can get involved in. For example the St Regis in Miami offers Yoga on the beach. The Loews hotel on South beach has an outside movie showing some nights. They pass out popcorn by the pool. Go sit and hang out with the concierge. Those guy know everything. They might even offer wine. (Another freebie) They're like free travel agents. They give really good feedback & information. Anything that they don't know about they will surely find out for you. Sometimes you have to finesse the truth out of them thou. Get them out of the professional overtone of "everything is amazing and fun”. Like ok Lisa cut the shit. Tell me would you go see this giant lemon 🍋 or not? Is it worth $32 or not ? If you were me would you go?"

Try doing IG hashtag searches of your hotel to see what other people are actually doing. You'll also get a realist idea of what things really look like from a non professional photographers eye view. Walk around and enjoy the hotel or resort grounds. Most hotels make for great photo opportunities if nothing else.

Jammie Moses and Global Besties Travel Club in Bali Indonesia at Mason elephant sanctuary park
Jammie Moses with Global Besties Members and Friends in Bali, Indonesia


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