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Tips for First Time Traveling Overseas

Traveling to another country is a whole new experience. It is exciting and overwhelming. When traveling overseas for the first time, there are pretty lots of stuff you need to take care about. Whether you are going for a vacation or studying or job, the basic tips for traveling are pretty much the same.

Get your Passport Well in Advance

Before you book flights or make any reservations, you must have your passport. It is the first and foremost step when you are going to travel abroad. Applying for your passport well before the expected departure is a very wise thing to do. It not only saves you from unnecessary stress but also from any unforeseen situation that can delay the process.

When you get your passport, make digital and paper copies of the identification page. Keep one with you and give other copies to your parents or whoever lives with you. Keep a good digital copy on the Google docs as well.

When you are traveling, take extra care of your passport. You will need it more than just on your flight. Your hotel or hostel may need to scan the identification page of the passport, which is completely normal.

Don’t Be Shy

When you are traveling a new place for the first time, you might shy from talking to other tourists and locals. But it is actually beneficial for you to meet new people, talk to them and make new friends. Talking to locals will help you a great deal to know the place better. They will guide you to the best eateries and places where you can save money. They will tell you if there are any risks in the neighborhood you are living and what you should do.

Travel Light

Overpacking when traveling abroad for the first time is a mistake many people make. Obviously it is important to have necessary clothing and other essential stuff. But you do not have to take everything you normally use at your home. You do not have to take your favorite coffee mug, which would take more space and can break. Take a light-weight travel mug instead.

Don’t take more than one book or two if you are a very quick, avid reader. If you are going for a longer period then you might have to take more books if you love reading.

Don’t Panic

You need to stay calm and relaxed. You would into challenging situations, but you must not panic. Trust me, the problems and challenges you face during traveling will make you learn a lot of things. Stressing over travel problems will not make them disappear.

Dealing with Jetlag

One of the most annoying things about traveling abroad is jetlag. Do not take a nap on the fist day abroad especially as soon as you reach. Take proper rest before your flight. This will help you to ease up the jet lag as you will be less exhausted from the flight. Drinking lots of water during the flight can help combat jetlag in some ways. But don’t drink too much or you have to make frequent trips to the airplane loo. Take it easy the day you reach, don’t plan to do too many things on the first two days of your arrival.


With these tips travel overseas like a pro. Do spend on once in a lifetime experiences but try to plan and maintain a smart flexible budget. Be cautious all the time and rely on your gut feeling.


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