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Beautiful Bora Bora And Its 5 Turn Offs

Let me start by saying Bora Bora is definitely one of the most beautiful places I've been to with its crystal clear water and soft white sand. Known for its over the water bungalows its really a site to see straight out of a magazine.

We stayed at the Conrad Nui Bora Bora Resort. They have several room choices and with a party of 10 we were able to have every type of room that they have to offer. I personally chose an over-the-water bungalow and a beach front villa which both were amazing. I'll include photos and videos of our rooms and resort at the end of the post.

We had the best time ever on our French Polynesian Bora Bora girls trip. With a party of 10 we basically took over the resort ;) Im not sure if maybe people expect to see couples and small families only because they were approaching us left and right asking what occasion we were celebrating. We even had a few people ask if we were a TV show. But then again I guess we was the most exciting group there amongst the honeymooners and retirees.

living our best life out in Bora Bora French Polynesia

I know it seems impossible but I did find a few disadvantages. Here are my personal 5 turn offs:

1. There are no direct flights to Bora Bora.

Its quiet a journey to get to these amazing picturesque floating bungalows. Theres no direct flights. You have to fly to Papeete Tahiti and catch a smaller plane from there.

2. Although its among the French Polynesian islands, Papeete Tahiti isn't so nice. If I could choose I would skip it altogether. There's almost nothing to do there and its not as stunning or luxurious as Bora Bora.

3. Boat is the only form of transportation.

Each hotel or resort is basically on its own island so you have to catch a boat everywhere you might want to go. Its not horrible since theres no rush when you're on vacation, but its still feels like a bit of a hassle. All the boating made me want to just stay and hangout around my resort.

resort activities Conrad Nui Bora Bora

4. It rains daily.

It rained in Bora Bora literally everyday that we was there. Sometimes twice a day. June 2019. We had to rearrange some of our plans because we didn't want to get caught on a boat in the rain. It wasn't too bad though because it would rain briefly then the clouds would clear up as if nothing happened. The only time I saw real thunder and showers was at night. Maybe for some the rain counts more as an advantage but for me, it was a total drag.

5. The crazy expensive food sucks.

When I say expensive I mean expensive. Like $100 per person for bland hotel dinner buffet type expensive. But the quality was more like $29.99 all you can eat.

These are my only complaints for beautiful Bora Bora and far from reason to not go. I still love every bit of it and will be be back. Next time I plan to stay at the Four Seasons or St. Regis because based on my research they are nice too.


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